Chapter 1: "Princess Resurrection" - "Sosei Oujo" (蘇生王女)Edit

Hiro Hiyorimi looks for his sister Sawawa in the town of Sasanaki, and winds up being hit by a car that ricocheted off a little girl; to his fortune(or misfortune) the little girl turns out to be the android of the monster princess, Hime. And so, Hime revives him by drinking her blood. Read More. . .

Chapter 2: "Princess Destruction" - "Hakai Oujo" (破壊王女)Edit

Hiro starts at a new school, and comes home to find Hime and Flandre looking for the mysterious "Invisible Man." Read More. . .

Chapter 3: "Princess Rampage" - "Bousou Oujo" (暴走王女)Edit

Hime speaks to Sawawa of needing more warriors; meanwhile, Hiro meets a girl named Riza Wildman claiming that Hime is her brother's murderer. Read More. . .

Chapter 4: "Princess Lightning" - "Dengeki Oujo" (電撃王女)Edit

Hiro is forced to go to the store by the kids at school, and ends up dying for a short while. He wakes up in a hospital and is trapped there by the director. Read More. . .

Chapter 5: "Princess Negotiation" - "Koushou Oujo" (交渉王女)Edit

Riza Wildman tags along with Hime, Hiro and Flandre to Hime's summer resort, for them only to find out that some negotiations have been broken. Read More. . .

Chapter 6: "Princess Alliance" - "Doumei Oujo" (同盟王女)Edit

Hime's younger sister Sherwood comes to propose an alliance. Read More. . .

Chapter 7: "Princess Blood" - "Kettou Oujo" (血統王女)Edit

A mysterious student from Hiro's school appears and is very drawn to him and Hime. . . Read More. . .

Chapter 8: "Princess Carnage" - "Satsuriku Oujo" (殺戮王女)Edit

Three Werewolves, Blood Warriors like Hiro, appear to end Hime's life.

Chapter 9: "Princess Recollections" - "Tsuioku Oujo" (追憶王女)Edit

Out shopping, Flandre encounters a mysterious, damaged android, with memory issues.

Chapter 10: "Princess Secret Room" - "Misshitsu Oujo" (密室王女)Edit

Staying at a motel during dangerous weather conditions, the gang deal with an odd creature, sucking away guests' life force.

Chapter 11: "Princess Attrition" - "Shoumou Oujo" (消耗王女)Edit

A sick and drowsy Hime entrusts her life to Hiro, for a night, when a revived Pharaoh and his mummy army attack.

Chapter 12: "Princess Dead Run" - "Shissou Oujo" (疾走王女)Edit

Riza races a headless horseman spirit who won't pass on until beaten. Hiro, meanwhile, has an interesting encounter searching for its head.

Chapter 13: "Princess Monochrome" - "Shirokuro Oujo" (白黒王女)Edit

A panda disappears from the zoo, Sherwood moves into town, and not everyone who intends to welcome her, does so peacefully.

Chapter 14: "Princess Ocean" - "Youjou Oujo" (洋上王女)Edit

The gang go for a cruise and are attracted to an odd ghost ship where Riza makes a new friend.

Chapter 15: "Princess Connections" - "Renketsu Oujo" (連結王女)Edit

Another vampire, with relation to the Royal Family, has interest in Hime. Of course, not with good intentions in mind.

Chapter 16: "Princess Sacrifice" - "Ikenie Oujo" (生贄王女)Edit

The Bewitching Hour traps Hiro and Hime in the gruesome past of a desolate village.

Chapter 17: "Princess Banishment" - "Tsuihou Oujo" (追放王女)Edit

Reiri's actions finally catch up with her when Kiniski arrives to banish her from Vampire society.

Chapter 18: "Princess Underground" - "Chitei Oujo" (地底王女)Edit

Chapter 19: "Princess Coma" - "Konsui Oujo" (昏睡王女)Edit

Hiro, Hime, Riza, and Reiri begin to notice strange occurrences around the mansion starting with Flandre's disappearance.

Chapter 20: "Night of the Princess" - "Sensei Oujo" (先制王女)Edit

Chapter 21: "Dawn of the Princess" - "Shiryou Oujo" (死霊王女)Edit

The past begins to haunt Hime as its events begin to repeat in the present as, a whole town is turned into zombies.

Chapter 22: "Day of the Princess" - "Dasshutsu Oujo" (脱出王女)Edit

Chapter 23: "Princess Duel" - (決鬥王女)Edit

Hime is framed by her brother Severin. In order to resolve the situation, she challenges him to a Duel. Edit

Chapter 24: "Princess Prisoner" - (女囚王女)Edit

Chapter 25: "Princess the Lost World" - (秘境王女)Edit

Chapter 26: "Princess Phenomena" - (霧中王女)Edit

Chapter 27: "Princess Amnesia" - (激突王女)Edit

Chapter 28: "Princess Curse" - (咒杀王女)Edit

Chapter 29: "Princess Melody" - (旋律王女)Edit

Chapter 30: "Princess Occult Research" - (学怪王女)Edit

Chapter 31: "Princess Millenia" - (千年王女)Edit

*Chapter 31.5 Bonus Track: "Princess Eternety" - (万年王女)Edit

Chapter 32: "Princess Behemoth" - (巨兽王女)Edit

Chapter 33: "Princess Erebus" - (往生王女)Edit

Chapter 34: "Princess Night Duty" - (夜勤王女)Edit

Chapter 35: "Princess Encounter" - (遭遇王女)Edit

Chapter 36: "Princess Secret Room" - (箱入王女)Edit

Chapter 37: "Princess Burning Sand" - (熱砂王女)Edit

Chapter 38: "Princess Downtown" - (特急王女)Edit

Chapter 39: "Princess Super Express" - (超特急王女)Edit

Chapter 40: "Princess Decisive Battle" - (決戦王女)Edit

Chapter 41: "Princess Hot Springs" - (湯煙王女)Edit

Chapter 42: "Princess Recurrence" - (回帰王女)Edit

Chapter 43: "Princess Graveyard" - (墓場王女)Edit

Chapter 44: "Princess Corpses" - (屍王女)Edit

Chapter 45: "Princess Bringing" - (招来王女)Edit

Chapter 46: "Princess Complication" - (錯綜王女)Edit

Chapter 47: "Princess Deserted House" - (廃屋王女)Edit

Chapter 48: "Princess Secret Room 2" - (続・箱入王女)Edit

Chapter 49: "Princess Captive" - (虜囚王女)Edit

Chapter 50: "Princess Occult Research 2" - (続・学怪王女)Edit

Chapter 51: "Princess Meandering" - (蛇行王女)Edit

Chapter 52: "Princess Anaconda" - (八岐王女)Edit

Chapter 53: "Princess Swirl" - (渦巻王女)Edit

Chapter 54: "Princess Bizarreness" - (猟奇王女)Edit

Chapter 55: "Princess Deserted House 2" - (続・廃屋王女)Edit

Chapter 56: "Princess Destiny" - (天命王女)Edit

Chapter 57: "Princess Seabed" - (海底王女)Edit

Chapter 58: "Princess Ignition" - (発火王女)Edit

Chapter 59: "Princess Evocation" - (降霊王女)Edit

Chapter 60: "Princess Apocalypse" - (青白王女)Edit

Chapter 61: "Princess Yozakura" - (夜桜王女)Edit

Chapter 62: "Princess Detective" - (探偵王女)Edit

Chapter 63: "Princess Heavy Rotation" - (回転王女)Edit

Chapter 64: "Princess Abyss" - (奈落王女)Edit

Chapter 65: "Princess Flying Saucer" - (円盤王女)Edit

Chapter 66: "Princess Someone Else" - (別人王女)Edit

Chapter 67: "Princess Invasion" - (討入王女)Edit

Chapter 68: "Princess MIxture" - (混合王女)Edit

Chapter 69: "Princess Appearence" - (発現王女)Edit

Chapter 70: "Princess Conference" - (会談王女)Edit

Chapter 71: "Princess Vicissitude" - (流転王女)Edit

Serect Track: "Princess Darkness" - (暗闇王女) Edit

Chapter 72: "Princess Ghost Story" - Edit

Chapter 73: "Princess Human Hunting" - Edit

Chapter 74: "Captured Princess" - Edit

Chapter 75: "Princess Planetary" - Edit

Chapter 76: "Princess Sea Of Corruption" - Edit

Chapter 77: "Princess Genesis" - Edit

Chapter 78: "Princess School Mystery" - Edit

Chapter 79: "Princess JudgementEdit

Chapter 80: "Scorching Princess" - Edit

Chapter 81: "Princess Hundred Destructions" -

Chapter 82: "Princess Dome" - Edit

Chapter 83: "Princess Holy Fire" -Edit

Chapter 84: "Princess Sea Side" -Edit