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Monsters are a common theme in Princess Resurrection, although not all of them are technically monsters. This is a list of every type of being introduced so far in the series along with their possible inspirations from popular culture.

Races and SpeciesEdit

  • Android/Gynoids (common elements of science fiction; the borg alcove which they use to recharge is from Star Trek)
  • Creepers (from Jeepers Creepers (2001 film))
  • Cyclops (classic monster from Greek mythology)
  • Human (not part of the Monster Kingdom)
    • Micasa (her outfit might be a reference to Hao from Shaman King; her parasitic weapons are a common theme of science fiction)
  • Fishmen (based on the Gill-man from The Creature from the Black Lagoon )
  • Paper-bag Man
  • Magician (common element of fantasy fiction and folklore)
  • Mermaid (common element of fantasy fiction & folklore; however the mermaid in the series is particularly based on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen)
  • Panda (not part of the Monster Kingdom. The names Ryū-ryū, Kan-kan, and Chō-chō are a direct reference to Liu Bei (Japanese: Ryūbi), Guan Yu (Japanese: Kan'u), and Zhao Yun (Japanese: Chōhi) ofRomance of the Three Kingdoms. Like in the book, the pandas swear brotherhood under a tree while holding the pole-weapons of their book counterparts)
  • Moleman
  • Mummy
  • Phoenix (common fantasy element)
  • Spirits (common fantasy element)
  • Vampire (based on classic vampire literature; most notably Dracula )
  • Werewolf (classic folklore monster)
  • Wereshark (were-animals are common elements of folklore)
  • Witch (common fantasy element)
  • Evil gods
  • Sledge (his species is unknown; probably based on harpies from Classical Greek mythology)
  • Sword-Being 
  • Kushii (probably based on the Loch Ness Monster)
  • Yeti (a famous cryptid)
  • The huge monster (probably based on Godzilla )
  • Hydra (monster from Classic Greek mythology)
  • The Body-Collecting Hookman
  • The Truck

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