Mermaid aka Madelaine

Mermaid in the anime


Madeleine in chapter 57



Mermaids are a race of the Monster Kingdom. They are beings who live in the ocean, with a few exceptions. The top half of their body is that of a human being, but the lower half ends in a fish tail.

Mermaids have the ability to lure passing sailors with their songs, which has only been seen played on a flute. According to folklore, mermaids can also fall in love with humans, despite the racial differences.



Mermaids have the ability to lure passing sailors with their songs.


Mermaids are perfectly adapted to live underwater; their swimming ability surpass the fishmen's. As a result, they can handle the extreme conditions of deep ocean trenches.

Known MermaidsEdit


  • Most Mermaids are believed to be extinct, due to unknown reasons.
  • Madeline the mermaid was initially portrayed to have pink hair in the anime, however her hair is black in the OVA.

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