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Nayu Shinozaki (Shinozaki Nayuu)
Debut Appearance
Manga Naqua-den 1
Anime None
Personal Information
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Relatives Taeko Shinozaki (mother)

Tarou Kanda (cousin, presumed step-brother)

Voiced By
Japanese None
English None

Nayu Shinozaki (Shinozaki Nayuu) is the cousin and apparent step-sister of Naqua-den's protagonist Tarou Kanda. She lives with Tarou at her mother's house in the city.


Nayu has the standard appearance of a young teenager. She is much shorter compared to Tarou, reaching around his chest. Nayu's dark hair is short and neatly combed. She would often be seen wearing a casual outfit whenever she makes an appearance


Nayu considers Tarou her brother and is apparently holding some feelings for him, often calling him "onii-chan", though she has never revealed anything beyond that. Being unaware of Tarou's supernatural abilities, Nayu would often take his food/snacks away from him in fear of him "growing fat" (which he couldn't).


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