Reiri Kamura (嘉村令裡 Kamura Reiri)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 7
Anime Episode 3
Personal Information
Species Vampire
Occupation Student


Status Alive (technically undead)
Relatives Unknown
Voiced By
Japanese Mamiko Noto (anime)

Aki Toyosaki (OVA)

English Emily Neves (anime)

Reiri Kamura (嘉村令裡, Kamura Reiri) is a pure-blooded vampire, who walks freely under the sun and goes to Hiro's school, of which she's seen as an idol there. She tried to get Hime's blood but was defeated, after which she agreed to serve her. She used to live in an abandoned church until it was burned down by lower-class vampires after she opposed Kiniski (Duke Dracul in the anime) and worked together with the half-breeded werewolf Riza Wildman to save Hiro Hiyorimi after that she hasn't been showing up at school for three days since she hasn't been able to sleep because the Lower-class vampires keep her up day after day she was so sick of it when Hiro asked her why she told him about her being banished from the vampire realm because she betrayed all vampires by giving a hand to their sworn enemy, a werewolf. She now lives in Hime's mansion. She prefers the blood of virgins, cute-boys and blood of the Royalty, but she'll gladly take tomato juice.



Reiri in the OVA.

Reiri is an alluring and beautiful vampire. She is always seen wearing a dark blue and/or black sailor fuku (with the exception of chapter 47, when she was years into the future-- she wore a corset over a white button-down shirt, a long dark skirt with a slit up the right leg, high heels, black tights, a shawl, dark lipstick, and a black choker tied in a bow). She has long black hair down to her waist, blood red eyes, sharp fangs.


Reiri manga

Reiri in the manga

She is quite clever as she and Hime are usually the first to understand the situation. She is often seen smiling and is quite playful as shown by her teasing of Hiro, much to Riza's annoyance. She hates oceans, rivers and lakes like all vampires as stated by her before almost drowning in a lake. She also seem to have a guilty conscience when she abandons Hime and the others, which is not common for vampires. She also speaks in a playful tone as a music note is often shown when she is happy. Reiri is not always calm and collected, as when she is handcuffed to Riza after Riza lost the keys to the cuffs, she became highly annoyed.


When Reiri first appeared, she is apparently the idol of the school. She first talk to Hiro and zips up his open fly. She then ask him what is his name. While walking away, she fell saying the cursed sun shone on her. She then call Hiro to the top of the school building at night. Riza arrives then get into a fight with Reiri but is too late. Reiri has already seduced Hiro by sucking his blood. She turns Hiro into a vampire, trying to use him to get Hime's blood. After escaping Riza, Reiri go back to sleep inside her coffin. Moments later, Hime opens the coffin, much to the surprise of Reiri. Hime let the vampire-Hiro bite her in order to turn into a temporary vampire to find Reiri. She also states that the blood of a phoenix is stronger than a vampire and was able to overpower
Reiri and blood

Reiri's blood-loving behavior

the enslaving effect of a vampire bite. Hime place a white ash stake on Reiri's chest, ready to kill her, which led Reiri into admitting defeat and saying that it wouldn't be so bad getting killed by Hime. Hime spared her and took some of Reiri's blood to cure Hiro. (In the anime, she tried to get Hime's blood by seducing Hiro and turning him into a vampire so he could invite her into the mansion. She then battled Hime, and, when thinking she had the upper hand, lowered her guard and was captured by Flandre. She was then given two options by Hime: serve her or die. Reiri then decided to serve her.) After five days, Reiri is shown back at school and licking Hiro's neck to the amazement (and jealousy) of other students, telling Hiro that they should play together another night.
1425498 e

Reiri, 9 years later

Another Reiri is shown when an alternate Hime was transported 9 years into the future wearing a corset over a white button-down shirt, a long dark skirt with a slit up the right leg, high heels, black tights, a shawl, dark lipstick, and a black choker tied in a bow. She assists Hime momentarily before she was killed. Before her death, she told Hime to look behind the painting of the Lake for the reason why Hime was transported 9 years into the future.


Hiro HiyorimiEdit

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She first seduces him when she is trying to get Hime's blood. After the incident, she is shown licking Hiro's neck, saying they should play again another night. She constantly teases Hiro, much to his dismay (and other students's jealousy) after she got closer to Hime's company.


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Reiri calls her Hime-sama
Reiri and hime

Reiri and Hime VS. Gilliam

after losing to Hime. She helps Hime during their battle with Gilliam. Hime doesn't seem not to mind her free-loading in her mansion.

Later on, she fights along side Hime against Gilliam in the battle on the Emil's train. Gilliam tells Hime that Reiri would one day betray her. Despite so, Hime remains undeterred and trusts Reiri. Reiri is often seen abandoning the group when things turn dire, only to show up later on with back-up or helpful information. Emil's blood-warrior comments that it is the first time he has seen a royal trust a vampire as they are known for back-stabbing the royals for their blood.

Riza WildmanEdit

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From the first time
Reiri and sea

She does fear the lake

they met, Reiri and Riza began fighting. Their relationship seems to have improved after Kiniski's incident; although Reiri still calls Riza "dog," and "bitch." Riza, despite the hatred and annoyance she displays, respects Reiri's strength and says that the pure-blood vampire she fought in the manga when they were in prison was not as cunning as Reiri. Both have been seen helping each other; like when Riza helped Reiri out of the water, and when they fought together against Kiniski.


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Reiri and Flandre will work together to assist Hime and have cooperated very well on several occasions. Unlike Riza, Reiri adores Flandre very much.


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Reiri has a strained relationship with Sherwood. In the beginning Sherwood did not trust Reiri at all and Reiri would only assist Sherwood because of Hime's orders. However as the series progressed their relationship eased down a bit and are now in a mutual cooperative understanding.


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They remain on a mutual cooperative understanding with each other, though the two of them seemed displeased when the other shows up in the middle of a plot. She does not interfere with his business (initially) and he does the same. When he died she did not show any reaction.


In chapter 85 it is shown she has a female vampire friend called Greta.

Powers, Abilities & WeaknessesEdit



A part of Reiri after splitting up

As a pureblooded vampire, she is stronger than most vampire, and doesn't have as many weaknesses as some of the other vampires. She is also quite adapted at hand-to-hand combat, during which she delivers devastating kicks. Reiri can also fly at considerable speed, keeping up with cars and trains without trouble. Her strength level is not shown clearly, although: in the anime she has being shown being able to resist Riza shoving her with ease; in the manga she was able to pin down Sledge in flight and stand toe-to-toe against pure-blood werewolves; in the OVA she ripped a Truedarkwalker in two (vertically). She also has mind-controlling powers (it only work against weaker opponents). Reiri can talk to bats and order them to spy for her. She can turn herself into a flock of bats in order to evade attacks and confuse the enemy. She possesses considerable regeneration, being able to reattach severed limbs.


She apparently knows German.

Her range of weapons include wooden stakes and a jackhammer.



Reiri's "sleepy" face

Although Reiri is a pure-blooded vampire and isn't repulsed by garlic, crosses or sunlight, she still is afraid of water and can be killed by driving a white ash stake through her heart. Also barriers set up by divine beings (such as those of the evil gods) repels her. While sunlight does not harm her it does weaken and disorient her. In the anime, if restrained (via ropes, hands, etc.), she cannot turn into bats. However this doesn't happen in the OVA. In the manga this weakness is shown inconsistently. She can still fall under mind-control by stronger opponents.

Also, like the vampires of legend, she cannot enter a building unless she is invited in (even if the building is abandoned and has no owner/inhabitants), although she can set the building on fire to flush the inhabitants out (which she did, in the manga).

Reiri is apparently lethargic if woken up early in the morning.


  • In the manga series, Reiri is famous for scenes which show her black panties. Due to the anime being severly censored, those scenes are reduced to panchira, but they are reintroduced in the OVAs.
  • Although her combat power is quite high, she is a (self-proclaimed) pacifist who rarely engage in violence; her main role is to gather intel.
  • Reiri's voice actress, Mamiko Noto, is famous for her role as Sawako Kuronuma in the Kimi ni Todoke series. Her OVA voice actress, Aki Toyosaki is known for voicing Yui Hirasawa in the K-On! anime series.