Riza Wildman (リザ·ワイルドマン, R'iza Wairudoman)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 3
Personal Information
Species Werewolf (half-breed)

Vampire (briefly, cured)

Occupation Student

Royal Warrior

Status Alive (current timeline)

Deceased (alternate timeline)

Relatives Volg Wildman (father, deceased)

Lobo Wildman (older half-brother, deceased)

Unnamed human mother

Voiced By
Japanese Yuko Kaida (anime)

Eri Kitamura (OVA)

English Luci Christian (anime)
age 19 to 20

Riza Wildman (リザ·ワイルドマン, R'iza Wairudoman) is a half-werewolf girl who has a werewolf father Volg Wildman, and a human mother. She at first believes that her older brother was murdered by Hime, but later reconciles with Hime when she learns what really happened. In order to find who in the Royalty tricked her brother, she stays with Hime. Being of mixed blood, her strength can't compare to that of a pure breed, though she is still physically way stronger than a normal human. Her werewolf blood also gives her heightened senses of hearing and smell. Riza appears to have feelings for Hiro. It was revealed that Riza is a virgin in her conversation with Reiri. She particularly enjoys fast vehicles, much to Hiro's horror when he's dragged along.



Riza in the OVA.

She has bright red hair and the golden eyes of the pure breed werewolves. She wears cargo pants, military boots, and a fitting black top that gives her a large amplitude of movement and covers her breasts while revealing her toned abs. She has slightly tanned skin. She has sharp canines, though not as prominent as the fangs of a vampire.

Being of mixed blood, she can't transform her full body like a pure breed, but can transform her ears and arms up to the elbow (Hiro and several others have noticed that her paws are "squishy", much to her embarrassment). During a full moon, she has slit pupils and receives a huge power-up.


She is a rash girl. Although being smarter than pure-blood werewolves due to her mind being more human, she isn't good at using tactics. In battle she always charges in head-on and tries to power through everything through physical strength. Because she is part of a honorable werewolf clan she dislikes using weapons, sneak attacks and insists on facing her enemies in a certain duel-like fashion, when fighting other werewolves she first states her and her father's full name and expects her opponent to do the same.

Riza is a very tenacious fighter, as she never retreats from a fight no matter how strong her opponent is, for she claim that retreating would be "cowardly and honorless".

She enjoys fast vehicles (much to Hiro's dismay) and is also easily annoyed by Reiri. She is very proud of her clan and her status as a werewolf warrior.

Riza is not embarassed easily, as she has no problem being half-naked in front of everyone after Hiro accidentally removed her panties. She however, gets flustered (and irritated) when people (usually, and especially Reiri) talks to her about Hiro and when Reiri uses him to tease her, suggesting that she has a soft spot for him.


The fact that Volg had a daughter with a human is well known among the werewolves, though many don't know Riza's identity until she states her name. Growing up under the great warrior Volg Wildman, Riza took pride in being a werewolf warrior herself. She was very close to her brother and grew to become very proud of her family.




She initially believes that her older brother was murdered by Hime, but later reconciles with Hime after learning of what really happened that night. In order to find who was responsible for the death of her brother, she stays with Hime. Riza is often annoyed by Hime's snide remarks whenever she makes a mistake, but is still loyal to her and Hime pays an equal amount of respect to her werewolf ally.

Reiri KamuraEdit

She and Reiri are natural enemies, and they don't get along until later on. Since their reluctant cooperation to defeat Kiniski, their relationship has been gradually improving. Reiri still calls her "bitch" and "dog" occasionally though. They've both saved each other many times in the story, from Riza saving Reiri from drowning and Reiri saving Riza from Salieri.

Lobo WildmanEdit

Lobo is Riza's brother, whom she cared deeply about. She was the reason why he has to betray Hime, since her life will be endangered if he refuses. His death caused her to seek out Hime and, because she thought Hime murdered him, tries to avenge his death.


Riza and Flandre are often seen fighting against whatever creature(s) that are attacking the mansion. Riza (along with Hiro) is often tasked with hauling a powerless Flandre a long way back to the mansion, something she greatly detests. 

Sawawa HiyorimiEdit

She loves Sawawa's' cooking, especially curry, and Sawawa seems to enjoy making meals for her everytime she asks for it. Other than that they shared little interactions with one another.

Volg WildmanEdit

Volg was Riza's and Lobo's Father. She admires her father greatly and takes pride in fighting in his name. 

Keziah BoldEdit

Keziah and Volg were once comrades in battle, and he encountered the latter's daughter during the ghost ship chapter. Keziah often said that the next time they meet will be on a battlefield, though they never really fought each other, instead they treat each other like good friends. Keziah scolds her constantly for working together with Reiri, who is a natural enemy of the werewolves.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Although she is a half-breed, she's still significantly stronger than an average human, being able to lift a truck with ease. Although physically weak compared to pure-blood werewolves, she had defeated many pure-blood opponents throughout the series. The reason behind that is often credited to her having more fighting experience and the fact that her brain is more "human" and can thus learn things quicker. Like pure-blood werewolves, she has heightened hearing and sense of smell (it appears that for her to activate her hearing, she has to transform her ears). So far she is shown to be invincible (or at least much more resilient) under a full moon.


  • Riza is the only member of the Wildman family whose first name does not mean wolf, or has anything to do with it.
  • Riza's voice actress, Yuko Kaida, is known for her role as Aiho Yomikawa in the Toaru Majutsu no Index/Railgun. Her OVA voice actress, Eri Kitamura is also famous for voicing Yuka Uchida in the Minami-ke series.