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A fighter-type Torai-shin.

Torai-shins, also known as Sinzokus (god-thieves), are the cause of rogue Aregami attacks across Japan and are the "true" antagonists of Naqua-den.

Appearance & PhysiologyEdit

A Torai-shin has a vague humanoid body shape and a head with a face that looks like a bullseye. These creatures are likely flexible, as occasionally one can be seen flung against a tree or bashed by Tarou and does not get crippled by the impact. Torai-shins bleeds when injured.

Torai-shins can come in various sizes, but the most common ones are about the size of an average schoolboy.

The Torai-shin inhabiting the Aregami Kamikakushi in chapter 6 is gigantic, being able to completely cover its host and block out the moon on the night sky. It creates lesser "stomach Torai-shins" to defend its stomach when Tarou infiltrates the chamber. The "stomach Torai-shins" are much weaker than standard ones, dealing less than noticeable damage to Tarou and were easily defeated by him.


Torai-shins can apparently "infect" the minds of Aregamis that resides in Japan, causing them to lose control and go rogue, threatening the peace of the nation. Their mind-controlling abilities does not seem to be limited to Aregamis however, as one attempted to possess Tarou before being effortlessly disabled by him.

Larger Torai-shins have great physical strength, capable of breaking a person's bones in a single hit.

Torai-shins can talk, but most prefers to stay silent.


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